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Composition and working process of the steel pipe automatic chamfering machine

Dec 01, 2017

In view of the current application, we can use the steel pipe automatic chamfering machine to deal with the flat head and internal and external chamfering of the end face of the steel pipe. The specification range of the steel pipe automatic chamfering machine is that the outer diameter of the steel pipe is from 133 to 365 mm and the steel pipe wall thickness is within 60 mm. The length range of the steel pipe is 6 to 15 mm, the accuracy of the steel pipe outside diameter is not more than 1.0%.

Under normal conditions, the maximum processing efficiency of the  steel pipe automatic chamfering machine is 80 stalks per hour and the cutting speed range is 70 to 130 mm per minute. The main components of the equipment are main engine, operating system, alignment roller table, clamping device, lifting bracket, cooling system, step-by-step system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, electrical system and iron scurf gathering system.

From the control mode, the control mode adopted by the steel pipe 

automatic chamfering machine is PLC automatic control system, which has the ability to automatically adjust the position of all the cutting feed. The cemented carbide tips are installed on the cutter bar and the cutter bar is installed on the cutter head. The radial position of the tool can be fixed or adjusted according to the specifications of the processed product.

In addition, the PLC system also controls the operation of the mandrel, servo-control system, clamping, conveying system and external equipment. The axial feed motion of the spindle box is mainly controlled and adjusted through the motor drive and digital servo machine controller.

According to the actual production, the main processing flow of the steel pipe automatic chamfering machine can be summarized as: Incoming stepping transportation , and then alignment adjustment, followed by stepping transportation, clamping, handpiece rewinding down, clamping and loosing, stepping transportation, reverse steel pipe positioning, step transportation, the other end chamfering, handpiece rewinding down, clamping and loosing, and finally, step transportation and unloading bench.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/