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Composition of Flat bar finishing line and distribution device and common equipment

Oct 30, 2018

The Flat bar finishing line, as its name implies, is for the finishing operation of this flat steel material, which contains various finishing processes, and the finishing operation is to improve the quality and use effect of the flat steel. Good quality flat steel to achieve the purpose of use and good use, rather than causing waste of Flat bar finishing line.


1. Flat bar finishing line composition and dispensing device

Flat bar finishing line, which is a specific type of finishing line, is a material for flat steel, not other materials, so it is targeted in use. In terms of composition, there are loading gantry, input roller, lifting roller, collecting gantry, steel shunting, conveying roller, baler and finished product collection gantry, etc., all of which are important components. Nothing.


On the Flat bar finishing line, it is possible to use the material dividing device to realize automatic material distribution and replace the artificial material, so that the working efficiency of the finishing line can be improved. The material distribution device is composed of a slide assembly, a transmission shaft child constant, a reducer assembly and a dial assembly. The total composition of the slide is the slide assembly I and the slide. Assembly II these two parts. The drive shaft assembly is mounted on the slide assembly I and the slide assembly II, one end of which is connected to the reducer assembly, and the dial assembly is mounted on the left side of the slide assembly I and The right side of the slide assembly II.

The working process of the Flat bar finishing line feeding device is as follows: the bulk flat steel is squared on the transport chain by the crane, slowly moved by the starting lifting frame and the chain transportation chain, and then carried out by the flat steel distributing device. Dividing the material and inspecting the flat steel at the same time, whether there is a defect problem, after which the flat steel is transferred to the roller table for subsequent finishing operations.


2. Some important processes and common equipment of Flat bar finishing line

In the Flat bar finishing line, there are some important processes, such as straightening, straightening and polishing, and the operation of these processes needs to be taken seriously and carried out to ensure the processing quality and the use effect of the equipment.


One of the commonly used equipment on the Flat bar finishing line is a flat steel finishing machine. The cold flat steel blank can be leveled with a leveling wheel, and the width direction is squeezed by the finishing wheel. And the amount of compression is adjustable. In addition, there is a flat steel finishing straightening and cutting machine, which can carry out the finishing of the width of the flat steel and the straightening, leveling and cutting of the flat steel. This equipment has two levels of straight correction. Two-level width finishing and side-bending straightening, cutting and other functions.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/