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Concrete use and structure of steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine

Jan 29, 2019

The steel pipe end groove chamfering machine  is a special grooved chamfering machine  designed and manufactured according to the needs of users. It is specially designed for all kinds of steel pipe end flat mouth and chamfering equipment. The elbow and elbow groove chamfering machine  are designed and manufactured according to user needs. The equipment is mainly composed of power head, transmission reduction mechanism, floating cutter head, movable spindle for rotating feed, steel pipe clamping device, steel pipe lifting device, conveying roller table, loading and unloading device, hydraulic control system, intelligent control system, operation Button box and other components.


The chamfering machine  model helps to improve the welding quality of the product. In fact, the chamfering is mainly for welding the workpiece, ensuring the degree of welding. In the normal case, the profile processed by the machining method can also be cut when the requirement is not high. However, it is necessary to remove the oxidized slag. If necessary, there are K-shaped groove, V-shaped groove, U-shaped groove, etc., but most of them require a certain blunt edge.


The chamfering machine  is mostly used for the treatment of steel pipes of different materials such as ordinary carbon steel and alloy steel, including oil casing, fluid pipe, gas cylinder pipe, structural pipe and the like, and the flat end chamfering processing of the pipe end of the large-diameter seamless pipe or the welded pipe. The product can be turned either single or double.