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Daily maintenance and maintenance of horizontal boring and milling machine

May 31, 2019

In daily work, we should always check whether the external three-phase power supply voltage of the connected machine is normal and check whether the electrical components are connected properly. You can check whether the various switches are still working by means of the CRT display diagnostic screen; check whether the relays and contactors work normally and Whether the contacts are good, etc.; then check whether the protection components such as thermal relays and arc suppressors are still valid; again, check whether the internal components of the cnc machining center electrical cabinet are too hot. If the contactor contact is not in good contact, we can disassemble the contactor and then use a small file to frustrate the high temperature oxide on the contact surface, then wipe off the debris with absorbent cotton and alcohol, * reassemble, * use a multimeter The contacts are tested for continuity.


Cnc machining center CNC system control part

 The control system includes a numerical control unit, a power supply module, an I/O interface, a servo amplifier, a spindle amplifier, an operation panel, a display, and the like. In the maintenance process, we mainly check whether the relevant voltage values are within the specified range; whether the electrical components are loosely connected; whether the fan of each functional module is running normally and the dust on the fan and dust filter net is removed. www.chamferingmachinechina.com