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Daily maintenance of CNC cutting machine

Apr 26, 2019

Normal maintenance of CNC cutting machine:

1. It is forbidden to place debris on both sides of the rail, and collision is strictly prohibited.

2. The guide rails should be kept clean at all times. It is strictly prohibited to pedal and knock.

3. The guide rail should be evenly coated with a layer of oil every day.

4. The vertical and horizontal racks should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene every month to avoid the dirt affecting the accuracy of the guide rails and brush a layer of oil.

5. The machine should be kept clean and clean.

6. The gas path should be regularly checked for air tightness and the safety regulations must be strictly observed.

7. It is strictly forbidden for many people to play on the console.

8. When the cutter is working, it is forbidden to stay on the workbench to avoid accidents.

9. Always check that the longitudinal guide wheel tension is appropriate. The motor gearbox gear tightening is appropriate.

10. Check if the longitudinal motor mount is loose.

11. Check if the torch lift screw rack is loose? Regular grease should be applied.

12. Periodically open the plasma generator housing to clean the dust.

13. Regularly check the towline for damage to cables and air pipes.www.chamferingmachinechina.com