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Daily maintenance of CNC cutting machine

May 06, 2019

In fact, it is very important to do the daily maintenance of the CNC cutting machine. It is like the human body needs to wash your face every day. So the mechanical equipment is the same. Adding lubricants to the equipment, cleaning and daily inspection are actually equivalent to our daily life. In the middle of eating and washing, then this is what we humans must do every day so that we can live for a long time, the same reasoning equipment also needs us to maintain and maintain every day to run safely for a long time. So how do you maintain the CNC cutting machine equipment in your daily life? Below Huafei Xiaobian take you to find out.

1. Gas system maintenance

2. Always wipe off the dust and debris of the airway to prevent premature aging of the airway.

3. Always check the gas path system and find that the leaking and parts that cannot be used normally should be treated in time to ensure the smooth flow of the gas path.

4. Pressure reducing valve maintenance. Adjust the pressure reducer, adjust the pressure gauge to the required pressure, and adjust the pressure from small to large to ensure continuous adjustment of the pressure reducer. If continuous adjustment or gas leakage from the safety valve is not guaranteed, a new pressure reducer must be replaced.

5. Torch cutting tempering preventer maintenance

  6. The torch must use the machine torch produced by a professional manufacturer.

7. The torch must also use the standard fast cutting nozzle produced by professional manufacturers. For the new cutting nozzle, it must be inspected before it can be used.

8. The cutting nozzle is contaminated. Special tools are needed to clean the preheating flame hole and cut the oxygen channel.

9. The tempering preventer is an important part to ensure safety. According to the requirements of the safety department, the tempering preventer is strictly prohibited to be dismantled. Therefore, the tempering preventer uses a long-lasting air resistance to ensure that the gas flow rate is not required or leaks. Be sure to replace it with a professional.www.chamferingmachinechina.com