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Danuobate group launched high precision CNC cylindrical grinder

Apr 22, 2017

According to reports, the company through the characteristics of Danuobate products is the use of general equipment components, which not only cost savings, but also to ensure product performance. The design of HG-92 type equipment is also reflected it adapt to a wide range of requirements including moment Gou characteristics, the typical application of this product: printing machine roller, transmission shaft, internal combustion engine, turbine shaft and gear parts of the inner hole, outer circle and end face grinding.

This series of heavy-duty horizontal grinder provides maximum center distance of 6000mm (chuck to power tail frame), providing the maximum diameter of the grinding diameter to 850mm, the maximum weight of the workpiece up to 5000KG. The wheel is equipped with maximum wheel diameter is 915mm every HG-92 equipment, equipped with continuous rotation of grinding wheel headstock torque motor driven by high precision encoder control, the B axis the programmable resolution 0.0001o. According to different applications, the grinding wheel can be of different types (CBN grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel, common grinding wheel, etc.).

HG-92 is equipped with DanMDM multi diameter absolute measurement system for online measurement, but also with a probe for the length, end and taper measurement. The measurement can be arranged before grinding, grinding and grinding. Equipped with DanOp grinding software based on windows is user friendly interface, can help optimize and automate the process, user friendly DanOp software to reduce the set, it can enable the operator to complete the equipment setting, simple management and rapid grinding wheel grinding programming, Siemens840D dialogue control system used to invoke the standard procedures, access to all relevant parts of the data. No operator with ISO programming experience.

Danuobate HG series heavy-duty horizontal grinder workpiece maximum center distance 6000mm and processing the maximum weight of 5000KG.