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Design focus of Square Billet Finishing Line and comparison with billet production line

Jul 14, 2018

The billet finishing line, as can be seen from its name, is a finishing line for the billet material, which is used for various finishing operations and has a good finishing effect. Therefore, in order to obtain the desired processing effect through the use of the billet finishing line, and at the same time, let the equipment work and operate normally, below, the related learning work will be carried out to achieve the goal.


1. Is there a difference between the finishing of billet and the finishing of ordinary billet?

Billet, which is one of the billets. In the process of finishing, if it is compared with ordinary billet, it is definitely different on the billet finishing line, because the billet is It is a kind of billet, but it has some differences from ordinary billet, so there is definitely a difference in the operation of finishing, and it is impossible to be exactly the same.


2. What aspects of the Square Billet Finishing Line need to be treated when designing?

When the Square Billet Finishing Line is designed, there are some design points and points. According to the professionals, there are six finishing processes, equipment layout and features, finishing technology performance and product outline. Moreover, these six aspects should be taken seriously and carried out, and should not be sloppy, so as not to affect the normal use and use effect of the finishing line, as well as affecting the finishing quality and finishing effect of the billet.


3. Square Billet Finishing Line and billet production line. Which one is more important for the billet?

The billet production line and the Square Billet Finishing Line are generally the Square Billet Finishing Line behind the billet production line, and both of the billet blanks are important and critical, so they cannot be underestimated. Moreover, there is no comparability between the production line and the finishing line, so there is no standard answer to this question.


4. Is the Square Billet Finishing Line necessary for the billet?

For the billet, the Square Billet Finishing Line is not necessary. It mainly depends on the processing requirements and processing purposes of the billet, and whether it needs to be used for billet finishing. If it is to improve the surface properties and performance of the billet and improve its use, then the Square Billet Finishing Line can be used for finishing operations to achieve the purpose.