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Detailed operation characteristics of CNC gear chamfering machine

Dec 07, 2018

CNC gear chamfering machine adopts numerical control system. For users, this machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, quick tool, good processing quality, easy adjustment and so on. Therefore, it can meet the trial production of small batch of new products, and it can be suitable for the need of large-scale production.


During the operation of the equipment, the workpiece indexing and feed motion of the CNC gear chamfering machine are controlled by three-axis CNC. The machine tool adopts a vertical layout structure, and the two cutter shaft boxes are respectively arranged on different columns. And according to the processing requirements for position adjustment; easy operation, good processing quality, simple tool, stable performance, wide application range, low failure rate, high efficiency, etc., widely used in the gear shift of the automobile, motorcycle, agricultural machinery industry The disc gear of the gear, the external and internal teeth of the ring gear, and the chamfering and chamfering of the different arched teeth, the chamfering of the tooth end of the hypoid.


The tool of the CNC gear chamfering machine uses the alloy machine clamping tool, no need to sharpen the knife. Finger knives can also be used, which is simple and convenient. The machine is fully enclosed.www.chamferingmachinechina.com