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Difference between blank grinder and other grinders and usable devices

Nov 22, 2018

A grinder, if it is used to grind a billet, is a billet grinder, but is still in the broad category of grinders. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with and understand this kind of grinder, so that you can know which occasions or situations can be used, and use the correct and standardized operation to have a good use effect, so that the product can be fully utilized.


1. Comparison of blank grinding machine and ultra-fine grinding machine

A billet grinder, which is a specific type of grinder obtained from the viewpoint of the object to be used, and an ultrafine grinder is a specific type of the mill obtained from the viewpoint of the degree of grinding. Therefore, the two types of grinding machines correspond to different classification standards of the grinding machine, but there is no conflict and contradiction. Therefore, the blank grinding machine can be an ultra-fine grinding machine, and the ultra-fine grinding machine can also be a blank grinding machine.


2. Billet grinding machine, which can be used to grind ceramic raw materials?

A billet grinder that can be used to grind ceramic materials as long as it meets the material requirements of the billet grinder and is within the grindable range of the mill. In addition, a grinder such as a billet grinder can be ground by high-speed rotation of two upper and lower grinding discs, and in order to improve the plasticity and adaptability of the raw material, the grinder can be appropriately modified to achieve the object.


3. CNC vertical multi-station grinder, which is a billet grinder?

CNC vertical multi-station grinding machine, which is a specific type of grinding machine, which can also be called single-stroke honing machine. It is an efficient automatic equipment with simple and convenient operation, good processing adaptability and time saving. Suitable for high-volume processing, as well as through-hole and blind-hole finishing. Therefore, by definition, it is not a billet grinder, and it is quite different from the billet grinder, although it is in the general category of grinders.


4. Which material components can be used for the blank grinding machine?

In the billet grinder, the stepless speed control system can be used to adjust to the appropriate grinding speed according to different workpieces, and the electro-pneumatic proportional valve closed loop foul pressure control can be used, and the device can independently adjust the pressure. In addition, the upper grinding disc can increase the slow-down function to effectively prevent the cracking of the crisp workpiece. Through these, the use performance and the use effect of the blank grinder can be effectively improved.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/