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Difference between CNC Elbow Boring Machine and Other Boring Machines and Comparison of Processing Technology

Jun 27, 2018

CNC elbow boring machine, which is a kind of boring machine, and belongs to the big category of CNC boring machine in boring machine, so it is necessary to get a good understanding of it so that it can be used correctly and has a good use effect, thus the economy of the product. There are good economic benefits in performance.


1. Should the elbow processing jig be used in the CNC elbow boring machine?

CNC elbow boring machine, which is a kind of CNC boring machine, and it will be used in the process of the elbow processing fixture, is mainly used to process elbow pieces, which can improve the production efficiency of the equipment and reduce production cost. In addition, the workpiece in the fixture, but also very good to ensure the accuracy of processing.


2. Automatic CNC boring machine, is it a CNC elbow boring machine?

Automatic CNC boring machine, which adds two power units on the basis of a horizontal boring machine and installs different diameter boring tools on the power unit. In addition, the power unit and the numerical control unit of the trampoline are connected, and the numerical control unit plays a controlling role. Therefore, the operation is simple and convenient. However, if compared with a CNC elbow boring machine, then there are significant differences between the two devices in terms of their structure, performance, and use.


3. Is the CNC elbow boring machine complicated in machining process?

CNC elbow boring machine, which is a kind of CNC boring machine, and CNC boring machine compared with CNC milling machine and CNC lathe, CNC boring machine is a complex process. Therefore, CNC boring boring machine is a kind of boring machine, which is more complicated than the milling machine and lathe in the processing technology.


4. Comparison of common boring machine and CNC elbow boring machine

CNC elbow boring machine, which introduced the theory of automatic control, and adopted closed-loop control and computer control of the transmission system, so that it can be calculated under the influence of the environment to make timely feedback, and then, the trampoline can be adjusted to meet different production requirements. Therefore, there are many differences between the conventional trampoline and CNC elbow trampoline, and they cannot be confused.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/