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Does the finishing equipment need to be modified and related to the rolling equipment?

Oct 16, 2018

Finishing line equipment, which is the equipment that will be used in the production line of finishing line. For the purpose of equipment, it is for finishing operation, so that the finishing operation can be used to make the material have good finishing quality and finishing. effect. Therefore, such equipment is very important for finishing lines, and if there is no finishing line, it will not work and use normally.


1. Whether the finishing equipment has the necessity of transformation?

Finishing line equipment, if necessary, and in order to continue to advance with the development of technology, is to carry out equipment transformation work, and does not increase investment. Moreover, through the modification of the equipment, the appearance quality of the product can be improved, the performance of the product and the effect of use can be improved, and further, the finishing line has a good finishing quality and finishing effect.


2. Is the finishing of the steel and the finishing equipment important?

Finishing of steel, finishing line equipment is an important aspect and part, because it is related to whether the finishing operation can be carried out smoothly and normally, and whether the steel can have good finishing quality and let it have Good use effect. Therefore, based on this, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the finishing line equipment, so as to ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect of the steel.


3. Is there a connection between the rolling equipment and the finishing equipment?

Whether there is a connection between the rolling equipment and the finishing equipment depends on the actual situation. Because of the material rolling, the basic steps and procedures of the rolling equipment are the loading gantry-heating furnace-pinch roller-rolling mill-finishing equipment-shear Cutting equipment—collecting equipment. Therefore, based on this, if necessary, the finishing line will be used, and when the finishing line is used, the finishing line equipment will be used. Therefore, there is a connection between the rolling equipment and the finishing line equipment, but not Inevitable connection.


4. Is it necessary to finish the manufacturing of the saw blade? Will you use finishing equipment?

The saw blade is manufactured by cutting the steel rail into a certain length and then cutting, heating, rolling, cooling and finishing to obtain the saw blade. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out finishing processing, and there will be some finishing equipment, etc., but it is not a finishing line equipment, because the finishing equipment and the finishing line equipment are not exactly the same, so the two cannot be mixed.