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Double head chamfering machine performance characteristics and processing performance parameters

Apr 27, 2018

Double head chamfering machine equipment belongs to a special machine tool equipment, which is mainly used for chamfering chamfering of tooth ends of different types of gears. At present, double-head chamfering machine equipment is widely used in mass production of automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, engineering, tobacco machinery and machine manufacturing industries. The equipment can be used to chamfer and flatten the welding groove on both ends of the steel pipe as required.


In actual production, we can often call it a steel pipe chamfering machine. When the equipment is used, it will also be equipped with headstocks, face plates, clamping devices, hydraulic auxiliary clamps, lifting roller devices, etc. In order to solve the problem of machining the end of a thick-walled steel pipe, two chamfering cutters and flat cutters are arranged on the faceplate.


Double head chamfering machine performance characteristics:


First of all, the entire operation of the device is relatively simple. This is because its operating system is controlled by the PLC. Therefore, when the user uses the device, it can operate through a color touch screen interface, which is easy to program and easy to operate.


Secondly, the double-head chamfering machine can also be applied to the processing of some medium-modulus gears, ring gears, sprocket wheel and other toothed parts, and it can be used for unilateral or double-sided chamfering of gear teeth with acute angles. In addition, the device also has double-turret column automatic advance and retreat floating reset function.


Third, the overall structural design of the equipment is advanced and reasonable, and a fully enclosed three-dimensional appearance design is used in particular. The effective protection design greatly enhances its safety performance and it looks beautiful and generous.


Double head chamfering machine performance parameters:

1. The length of the steel pipe that can be processed is: 6 to 12.5 meters. Under normal circumstances, the length of 6 meters of steel pipe allows single-head cutting, but also double-head processing, the buyer can choose according to);

2. Double-head chamfering machine can process steel pipe diameter range from φ406mm to φ2540mm;

3, the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 5 to 25.4 mm;

4, material types include Q235, Q345, X42-X80, etc.;

5, the weight of steel pipe does not exceed.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/