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Dynamic response of chamfering machine

Sep 14, 2019

The CNC gear chamfering machine is suitable for the sharp corner and pointed arch angle machining of the shaft tooth type workpiece. It adopts four-axis numerical control system, two chamfering tool box feeds and let the knife and workpiece box advance and retreat, and the workpiece is indexed.

The overall structure of the CNC gear chamfering machine is vertical layout + top column, adopting modular design, referring to the layout characteristics of the same type of machine tools abroad, with the advantages of convenient adjustment and good stability. That is to meet the needs of small-scale new product trial processing, but also suitable for large-scale large-scale production, is the ideal equipment for automotive gear processing.

    CNC gear chamfering machine dynamic response:

     The response of the gear system under dynamic excitation is an important part of the research on the dynamics of the gear system. It mainly includes the dynamic meshing force of the gear teeth and the transmission of the tooth tooth excitation in the system and the dynamic response of each part and the box structure in the transmission system. Studying the dynamic meshing force of the gear teeth, we can understand the mechanism, size and nature of the dynamic excitation of the system, determine the dynamic load and dynamic load coefficient of the gear teeth, which is of great significance to the gear tooth strength and reliability design, and study the dynamic excitation in the system. The transmission and the dynamic response of each part are designed to reduce the transmission of dynamic excitation, reduce the vibration of various parts of the system, reduce the load on the supporting bearings, improve the life, reduce vibration and noise through the design modification of the system.