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Extruder operating procedures

May 24, 2019

1 Before each extruder is started, carefully check the inside and outside of the barrel and the top of the hopper for any foreign matter, and remove all debris and oil in time.

2 If the working equipment is abnormal or the operation is not stable, if it is not clear why the fault is caused, stop it in time and find the relevant personnel to solve it. Equipment is not allowed to be repaired during operation. Do not touch the transmission parts with your hands.

3 When disassembling, installing the screws and molding the parts in the mold, it is not allowed to directly hit the parts with a heavy hammer. If necessary, the hardwood should be used to remove or install the parts.

4 If there is no production material in the barrel, the screw is not allowed to rotate in the barrel for a long time. The maximum running time should not exceed 2~3min.

5 If there is a failure in the production of the extruder, the operator is not allowed to face the barrel or the molding die when the treatment is excluded, to prevent the melt in the barrel from injuring people.

6 During the normal production of the extruder, the main motor ammeter pointer swing change should be observed frequently. When there is a long time overload operation, it should be stopped in time to find out the cause of the fault and then continue to drive production.

7 When inspecting the bearing part and the operating temperature of the motor case, gently touch the detection part with the back of the hand.

8 When cleaning the residual material on the barrel, screw and mold, it must be cleaned with bamboo or copper knives. It is not allowed to scrape with steel knives or scrap the parts on fire.

9 In the production work of the extruder, the operator is not allowed to leave the post to do other work. When leaving the job, he should stop or find someone to take care of.

10 Untrained persons are not allowed to operate independently of the formal operators.

11 If the cleaned screw is not used temporarily, it should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, wrapped, and hung vertically in a dry and ventilated place.

12 For long-term shutdown of the extruder, the working surface of the forming mold should be coated with anti-rust oil, and the inlet and outlet ports should be sealed with oil paper. No heavy objects can be stacked on the barrel and on the mold to avoid deformation under pressure for a long time.

13 All the equipments on the extruder production line that have been put into production should be replaced with the lubricating oil (fat) in each tank and oil cup after 500 hours of test production. The bearings, oil cups, fuel tanks and oil pipelines should all be drained of the original lubricant and cleaned. Then add enough new lubricant (fat).www.chamferingmachinechina.com