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Flat head chamfering machine before operation and manual chamfering steps

Jan 16, 2018

Combined with the actual production to analyze, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production, before operating the flat-edge chamfering machine, the staff need to complete the following three basic preparatory work:


The first is to carefully check according to the production requirements of steel pipe specifications are up to standard, and the pipe diameter input to the display; The second is to pay attention to check the flat head chamfering machine tool holder and blade position is suitable for chamfering Of the pipe, this time mainly based on pipe size and wall thickness to analyze; the third need to carefully check whether the internal burr pipe has been scraped off.


In the production and processing, in some cases need to use manual chamfering operation, then the specific steps What is it? It should be noted that the flat-headed chamfering machine manually pour tube must be in manual mode, but also to ensure that the hydraulic station has been started, the feed motor has run and returned to the origin.


The next step is to operate as required. The first step is to run the walking beam to place the tube on the chamfering roller that is aligned with the flat head chamfering machine. Next, align the bezel down. Under normal circumstances, the chamfer roller move forward, the pipe to be processed transported to the alignment baffle Department.


The staff should then clamp the clamp and lift the alignment fence until the spindle motor and the chip evacuation motor of the flat-head chamfering machine are also turned on. Next you can select the automatic mode, the feed motor automatically chamfered, and then wait for it to return to the origin.


After the completion of the above operation, the staff need to shut down the chamfering machine chamfering spindle motor and chip evacuator shut down, and then open the clamp, after the chamfer roller jog back, and will complete the processing of the tube from the clamp drop out.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/