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Forced cooling instructions、 main process and inspection contents of square billet finishing line

Feb 05, 2018

The square billet finishing line is literally understood as a production line for the finishing of the square billet, so it will be the specific name of the square billet finishing line.Since mentioned the billet finishing line, and it is also used in industrial production, below we will continue this kind of familiar with and understanding of the production line, in order to let everybody to master relevant knowledge and its contents and make full use of, let oneself benefit.

1. Is there any forced cooling in the cooling mode of the square billet finishing line?

The square billet finishing line is a kind of forced cooling in the cooling mode, and it is also used in a cooling mode.If it is compared with natural cooling, it is faster to force cooling on the cooling speed.And its cooling mode is blower cooling, water mist cooling, soft drink mixing cooling, and some other water cooling methods.

2. Do you want to check work after using the square billet finishing line?Is it possible to carry out the work of marking, tying, packing and so on, if there is no problem?

After the square billet finishing line is used, the finished product should be inspected, mainly to ensure the finished product quality and meet the user's requirements.

The finished product of the square billet finishing line should be inspected without problems and can be used for marking and packing and so on.Specifically, it is printed on the product or tied to the product, and its contents are mainly specifications, factory standard and so on.

3. What are the main technological processes of the square billet finishing line?In addition, can the automatic alignment system be used on the finishing line?

Billet the main technological process of the square billet finishing line: crane swing billet first loading - shot (processing billet surface scale), surface cleaning, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, grinding, dial to the loading area.Automatic alignment system can be used on the square billet finishing line, the correct use of the word has good use effect, and can improve the product quality of the finishing line.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/