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Four operating modes of steel pipe chamfering machines

Nov 28, 2018

The operation mode of the steel pipe chamfering machines can be controlled by jog, manual, automatic or semi-automatic. The automatic mode is that the operator inputs the relevant parameters of the steel pipe to be processed into the system through the operation panel. After confirmation, the PLC automatically selects a set of processing parameters. After the operator determines that it is correct, press the “Start Processing” button and the device will enter the automatic working mode.


In this working mode state, it is necessary to drive all the four areas of the steel pipe feeding, the stepping device, the steel pipe chamfering machines main body and the unloading conveying to the automatic mode. The semi-automatic mode refers to one area of the steel pipe feeding, stepping device, main machine and unloading conveyance, and the system is in semi-automatic operation mode. In manual mode, both the stepper and the master can perform a single program action independently.


When the steel pipe chamfering machines adopts the jog mode of operation, all the actuators are not subject to program interlocking and limit switch, and can be manually operated for equipment debugging and overhaul adjustment; but in this mode, it cannot be inverted. Welding groove, flat head and inverted inner and outer burrs; only in this mode, the operator is allowed to modify the machining parameters.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/