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Full automatic chamfering machine principle and performance characteristics

Jan 08, 2018

Full automatic chamfering machine, which is a chamfering machine, and, for us, it is also necessary to be familiar with and understand one, because of its wide range of applications. So, next, you will learn and understand the basics, and at the same time, be able to use the chamfering machine correctly and reasonably.


1. Full automatic chamfering machine applications and specific types

Full automatic chamfering machine, which in the application of the industry, mainly for the processing of some small parts, as well as mold and die-chamfering process. In addition, a variety of workpiece arc edge and the chamfer of the inner and outer holes can also be carried out.

This chamfering machine, from the current view, is already widely used, and its specific types, in general, there are two kinds of single-and double-bit. And, it is automatic lifting tool change, to facilitate the operation and use.


2. Full automatic chamfering machine performance characteristics and working principle

Full automatic chamfering machine, its performance characteristics, in terms of its specific, is: can achieve coarse grinding, grinding and polishing of these three processes. And, the device can be touch-screen designed to simplify operations and increase productivity. In addition, it can be automatically recycled, so as to achieve continuous automated processing, get good processing results and economic benefits.

The working principle of this chamfering machine is that the motor is driven by a pulley and is pneumatically driven to advance and retreat, and the cam is advanced and retreated so as to realize the horizontal feed of the cutter on the cutter head. In turn, Cutter for rotary cutting. In this way, can effectively solve the cutting efficiency is low, the tool life is short and can not rule these issues.


3. Full automatic chamfering machine safe operating procedures

(1) Before operating the Full automatic chamfering machine, the operator should wear safety protection equipment first and can not wear gloves to operate the equipment to avoid danger. The safety protection products, mainly for the overalls, safety shoes and protective glasses and so on.

(2) The Full automatic chamfering machine, the operator of all aspects of equipment should be very familiar with and understand, and at the same time, before use to carry out some necessary checks, such as the protective cover is intact and fastened, and the tool Movement direction and workbench feed direction, is correct.

(3) Full automatic chamfering machine table, it can not be placed on any items. If you want to place the workpiece, then, is to gently, so as not to damage the table. In addition, the workpiece after cutting, should be placed on the specified location, can not be directly stacked on the ground.