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Full automatic sawing machine Specific type and system control principle of full automatic sawing machine

Jan 15, 2018

The sawing machine is similar to the shear machine in specific use, but there are some differences.So, in order not to confuse the two, we will be familiar with the machine equipment of the sawing machine.This kind of full automatic sawing machine in sawing machine is used to broaden our scope of knowledge.

1. Full automatic sawing machine, which is one of the main categories of sawing machine?Are there any specific types?

Full automatic sawing machine is an automatic cutting machine in the category of sawing machine.And automatic sawing machine has automatic and semi-automatic.The corresponding species are the hand sawing machine.

One of the fully automatic cutting machines is automatic pipe cutting machine.According to the name, it is aimed at the material of pipe material, which is composed of upper material and lower material and cutting device.Upper material device mainly includes the storage mechanism, preloading mechanism, the tail-level of the pipe, the dynamic clamp and the sliding mechanism.And the device can be automatically loaded, thus improving the efficiency of the equipment.If the cut tube can be cut again, it can be cut again.The cutting device mainly has the main clamping component, the sawing mechanism and the tail material clamping component.The main clamping unit is fixed on the rack.The tail stock clamping components can be moved back and forth relative to the main clamps.

2. What is the control principle of full automatic sawing machine system?

The system control principle of full automatic sawing machine:

When the material end touches the micro switch under the flip, the PC will issue a command or signal to start the saw vehicle and run it to the specified position.When it is close to the switch, the clamping clamping of the clamping material is issued, so that the sawing operation is cut.When the saw is finished, the saw is lifted and the tongs loosen.After the PC is delayed, the saw will return to the position for the next sawing operation.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/