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Fully automatic grinding machine no-load test run and operator requirements

Aug 14, 2018

The grinder, if it is fully automatic, does not require manual operation, then this type of grinder can be called a fully automatic grinder. However, compared to automatic grinders, there are differences in some aspects or details, so a thorough understanding of the fully automatic grinder should be performed to properly distinguish it from the automatic grinder.


1. Advantages of using fully automatic grinding machine

(1) Full-automatic grinding machine, which can be a high-speed automatic grinding machine or a precision automatic grinding machine, which uses gauze belts and linear guides to ensure the use of the grinding machine. In addition, the squeegee is designed with a card lock, which can adjust the deformation of the squeegee to ensure the quality of the grinding.

(2) The equipment is designed with a mechanical scraper and a special grinding wheel for good grinding results. In the grinding angle, it can be adjusted within a certain range.

(3) The grinder is also equipped with a dust washing device to effectively reduce environmental pollution and improve the operating environment of the operator.


2. The specific requirements of the automatic grinding machine for the operator

(1) The operator of the fully automatic grinding machine should be familiar with and understand the structural composition and performance of the equipment, so as to avoid super-performance or over-range use of the grinding machine, thereby causing damage or damage to the equipment and affecting the normal use of the equipment.

(2) When the grinder is powered on, it can not be put into use immediately. It should first carry out the no-load test run to check whether the equipment is running smoothly and reliably, and whether there are any abnormalities or problems, and all work can be started without any problem, otherwise it should be immediately Shutdown inspection and processing.

(3) When the automatic grinding machine is working, the operator should observe the operation of the equipment at any time, and add appropriate amount of abrasive and water according to the grinding condition of the workpiece to ensure the smooth progress of the grinding work. After the work is completed, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, clean and clean the equipment in time, and do the daily maintenance work of the equipment to ensure the service life of the equipment.


3. No-load test run of fully automatic grinder

The no-load test run of the fully automatic grinder is an important task that should be taken seriously and carried out. The content of the work is:


In the operation time of the equipment, it is required to be no less than one hour. In the test run compliance requirements, the equipment is running smoothly and safely, and the oil temperature cannot exceed 80 degrees Celsius. In addition, the running noise should be small, the oil path should be smooth, and the temperature rise should not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. The load test operation of the equipment can only be carried out after the full-automatic grinder has finished the no-load test run and the various components can work normally.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/