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Functions and Features of Chamfering Programmable Logic Controller

Feb 03, 2018

With the popularization and application of automation technology, the current use of steel flat-head chamfering machine, also used a PLC control. Since PLC has been applied in the steel flat-head chamfering machine, it has not only greatly improved the chamfering production capacity of welded steel pipes, but also improved the production quality.


Programmable logic controller referred to as PLC, in the 20th century after 80 years began to gradually develop and apply. Belongs to a combination of automatic control, computer and communications technology, but also a field device specifically for industrial process control. In the steel pipe production work, the flat-headed chamfering machine is one of the main production equipment in the steel pipe processing workshop, and its performance is often good or bad will have an important impact on the quality of production.


In general, in fact, welding flat steel pipe chamfering machine, groove processing is an important process in the finishing process. The spindle rotation of this equipment is driven by AC variable frequency motor. Servo motor control is adopted for spindle feed. The advantage of this design is that it can meet the processing quality requirements of different specifications of thick-walled welded steel pipe. The auxiliary equipment is mainly to complete the translation of steel pipe in different positions, transport, positioning and clamping work in preparation for the host operations.


In other words, the use of a programmable logic controller during the operation of the steel tube chamfering machine can bring significant benefits to the operation of the apparatus. It uses programmable memory to store user instructions for specific functions such as logic operations, sequence control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and to efficiently and efficiently produce equipment through digital or analog inputs and outputs control.


Because PLC itself has a strong anti-interference ability, you can maintain efficient operation, which makes the steel pipe chamfering machine running more stable. At the same time also reduced the operation of steel chamfering machine, the use of more convenient and easy to grasp.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/