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Gear chamfering machine features and quality

Jun 29, 2019

The gear chamfering machine is a high-efficiency semi-automatic machine tool for chamfering and deburring both ends of a gear using a cylindrical disc gear or a shaft gear for automobiles, machine tools, and the like. Suitable for mass production, but also for small batches and multiple varieties of users.

The machining tool of the gear chamfering machine adopts one or two pairs of gear-shaped disc-shaped chamfering cutters. The workpiece is mounted on the mandrel and meshed with the workpiece by a chamfering knife. The workpiece drives the workpiece to rotate in the forward and reverse directions. 5 seconds, chamfering. At this time, one or two pairs of disc-shaped deburring blade discs are driven by the workpiece, and at the same time, the burrs at both ends of the workpiece teeth are scraped off. The mechanical action of the machine tool and the workpiece clamping are realized by the reducer and the hydraulic cylinder.

Various gear end face burrs of the gear chamfering machine include a machine base, a motor, a pulley connected to the motor, a gear base supporting the machining gear, and a column, and the bottom of the column is supported on the base, and the base is further A fixed block is arranged, the gear base is supported on the fixed block, and a movable block which can be slidably connected up and down along the vertical column is arranged on the vertical column, and the motor base and the support plate are respectively connected on both sides of the movable block, and the motor seat is provided with the movable block. A positioning screw is arranged between the sliding block and the movable block, and an arc-shaped through groove is formed in the supporting plate, and a bolt is matched in the arc-shaped through groove, and the bolt is screwed into the screw hole of the movable block.

A hobbing file connection is provided on the pulley main shaft. The machining gear is fixed on the gear base, and the corresponding hobbing boring tool is selected. The hobbing boring tool meshes the machining gear to drive the processing gear to operate while smashing the burr of the gear end surface. The utility model has the characteristics of high work efficiency, good quality, low cost and good broad spectrum.www.chamferingmachinechina.com