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GTH introduced in line with the new requirements of energy saving grinder

Apr 22, 2017

GTH recently launched a grinding machine with high efficiency and high precision, low consumption, high precision Q1001 air gap grinding machine, and applied for a patent. It is reported that this machine can fully meet the following requirements: such as the air gap of about 4 wire inductance, can be controlled within 3%, regulation accuracy is 0.3 m, than the general equivalent grinding accuracy is improved by 50 times, which can ensure the consistency of device assembly requirements.

According to reports, compared to the invention provides the technical scheme and the current technology has the following advantages: improving the grinding efficiency of the equipment greatly, the efficiency of each machine is 2-5 times of vertical grinder, the existing plane air gap by two times in the air gap; greatly improve the product precision, the product reflects the inductance in the use of precision to a whole new level; the equipment cost is greatly reduced, the same investment capacity of equipment is about 30% of the original; energy saving and environmental protection, and the use of artificial hydropower consumption decreased by more than 50%. With the small power equipment (24 hours about 10 degree, low noise and uniform), will not affect the operation of the people around; strengthen maneuverability, switch size of products can be completed in a few minutes; can automatically remove serious cracks, machine will lead to core products burning machine, improve the reliability of products; provide timely simple cleaning method; saving water and electricity, low cost, high efficiency, convenient adjustment.

In addition, the Q1001 high precision air gap grinding machine has the characteristics of high precision, low consumption, high efficiency, low noise, low pollution, easy operation and so on. Meet the needs of energy saving and environmental protection in today's society.