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Heading machine operating procedures

Jun 07, 2019

The operating procedures of the heading machine are:

1. Do the handover work before going to the machine, understand the materials, equipment, quality and other conditions produced by the previous class and check the equipment according to the daily maintenance contents, and confirm the correct operation before starting the operation.

2. Carefully check the contents of the iron and process cards and select the appropriate mold.

3. Oil pressure heading machine:

A: Turn on the main power and release the emergency stop button. The warning light will be on. Start the oil pump and the transfer switch should be in the automatic position.

B: Note that the emergency stop button is pressed to close when the mold is changed.

C: According to the size of the pipe material, the stroke should be adjusted reasonably, and the oil pressure stroke should not be run too much. Make one adjustment for each specification.

D: The pipe material is inserted into the middle of the clamp, but it should not be too long, so that the mold is just flush (the length of the pipe head is determined by the size)

E: The foot switch must be complete and must not be disassembled.

4. Tube shrinking machine:

5. After the completion of the work, the machine should be closed, the residue on the equipment should be cleaned, and the surrounding environment should be cleaned.

6. Do not change the original state of the machine without permission.

7. The molds are neatly ordered according to the number to ensure that the quantity is complete. Do not litter or mess.

8. If the mold is worn out or defective, it must be promptly responded to the team leader or general manager.

9. When operating the grinding wheel cutter, the body must be sideways and cannot stand in front of it. Do not press down strongly. If the grinding wheel is stuck and other conditions, it should be turned off and the cadre on duty should be notified.www.chamferingmachinechina.com