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High-precision double-head chamfering machine two models to understand and purchase products

Aug 01, 2018

High-precision double-head chamfering machine, which is one of the chamfering machines, and in some fields and industries, this kind of double-head chamfering machine can be used in order to get the desired effect and achieve purpose of usage. Therefore, based on this, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the high-precision double-head chamfering machine, so that you can know how to achieve correct use and standard operation, and avoid misuse.


1.RT-100 high precision double head chamfering machine

RT-100 high-precision double-head chamfering machine, which is a high-precision double-head chamfering machine, which is mainly used for chamfering and other processing of molds, hardware machinery, machine tools, hydraulic parts, valves, etc. In operation, it can be considered as a small precision machine tool.


RT-100 high-precision double-head chamfering machine has some advantages in use. It is simple and convenient to operate, fast and accurate, and has good processing effect. It can overcome some processing defects, so it is a metal object. The preferred equipment for chamfering. In terms of technical parameters, it is the main motor power, working pressure, applicable outer diameter, machining length, machining speed, length tolerance, applicable material and machine dimensions, and is an important parameter.


2.RT-80FA short material type high precision double head chamfering machine

RT-80FA short-type high-precision double-head chamfering machine, like the RT-100 high-precision double-head chamfering machine, is also one of the specific models of high-precision double-head chamfering machine, its performance characteristics and The advantage is that:


(1) This kind of double-head chamfering machine, if the control system adopts PLC color touch screen, it can make the operation simple and convenient, and can bring its own fault alarm system. When the equipment fails, it can display the fault source in time. , to find and troubleshoot in time.

(2) In the use of the motor, stepless speed regulation can be realized, and the pipe fittings with different outer diameters and thicknesses can be appropriately adjusted to obtain a good chamfering effect and chamfering quality.

(3) The bed is made of precision guide rails, which can improve the processing accuracy, so that the machining length tolerance is controlled within 0.05mm, and the verticality and parallelism are controlled within 0.05mm.


3. Purchase of high-precision double-head chamfering machine

The purchase of high-precision double-head chamfering machine is to take into account some specific factors, which are basically and must be considered for the detailed parameters of the product, origin, quality, price, manufacturer and after-sales service. Six, in the product price, are to include the chamfering machine real-time quotes and price quotes. Combine these factors and other factors that need to be considered in order to have accurate judgments and get the right choices.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/