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High speed circular sawing machine to buy comparative and high-speed circular saw cutting oil

Aug 25, 2018

High-speed circular sawing machine, which is a specific type of circular sawing machine, at the same time, it also needs to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, so as to achieve reasonable use of the equipment and good use effect, or to make the material have good sawing quality. And sawing effect. And below, we are starting this work from different aspects.


1. High-speed circular sawing machine, is its metal material suitable?

High-speed circular sawing machine, which can be used for sawing of metal materials, and this kind of circular sawing machine can be called high-speed metal circular sawing machine, which can realize high-speed automatic sawing of metal materials or CNC machining of metal, and At the same time, the processing quality and finished product quality of the equipment can also be guaranteed.


2. Is the High speed circular sawing machine the same as the ordinary high-speed circular saw?

High-speed metal circular sawing machine, which belongs to the category of high-speed circular sawing machine, also needs to consider some specific aspects in product selection, such as product origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotation and price quotes, and product Manufacturers and whether there is good after-sales service. And these, the ordinary high-speed circular saw machine is also considered when purchasing. However, due to differences in material range, there may be differences in other considerations.


3. Which kind of cutting oil should be used for the high speed circular saw?

High-speed circular sawing machine, which uses cutting oil during processing, and the specific type of cutting oil is more than NC100 cutting oil, because it is a high-performance metal processing oil, which is made of mineral oil, It is composed of active additives, oily agents, rust inhibitors, etc., and is scientifically formulated for good lubricity, cooling, and easy cleaning. In addition, the high-speed circular saw uses this kind of cutting oil to improve cutting efficiency and extend tool life.


4. Will high speed steel saw blades be used on high speed circular saws?

On high-speed circular saws, high-speed steel saw blades are used to achieve high-speed sawing. High-speed steel saw blade, which can also be called white steel saw blade, is an alloy steel saw blade containing carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, chromium and vanadium. It is obtained through a series of processes and has high thermal hardness. Therefore, even at high temperatures, the hardness does not change, and a faster sawing speed can be maintained.