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How does a high speed circular sawing machine return to the origin and knowledge of high speed metal circular sawing machine

Jan 26, 2018

The high speed circular sawing machine is one kind of circular sawing machine, and it is the specific kind that the circular sawing machine classifies according to the running speed.So we should be a kind of circular sawing machine for basic learning and understanding, so that you can correct use and reasonable use in the practical work, at the same time can also be used in this device has good effect, rather than to waste it.

1. What are the specific types of circular sawing machine?Whether the high speed circular sawing machine is automatic circular sawing machine?

Circular sawing machines are divided into different types according to different standards.For example, according to the processing products, can be divided into metal circular sawing machine and woodworking circular sawing machine;According to the way to divide, there are horizontal, scissors, etc.According to the control mode, can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and automatic.And different kinds can be equipped with special material rack according to the demand

High speed circular sawing machine can be automatic circular sawing machine, because these two are not contradictory, it is the circular sawing machine from different Angle to carry on the classification to obtain the specific kind.And they are not the same on the side, the former is for speed, the latter is for control.


2. How to manually return to the origin of CNC high speed circular sawing machine?

The specific process of moving back to the origin of the CNC high-speed circular sawing machine is: to return to the origin axis, and to move at the origin direction with the fast moving speed of the parameter setting.When the deceleration block presses down the origin deceleration switch, the back axis will slow down to the slower reference point to locate the speed, and then continue to move forward until it returns to the origin.


3.Knowledge of high-speed metal circular sawing machine

High speed metal circular sawing machine is one kind of circular sawing machine, specifically for metal circular sawing machine.It is mainly composed of main engine, feed mechanism and safety device.Among them, the main engine is frame, workbench, spindle, saw blade, chuck, bearing seat and motor and so on.The frame of this kind of circular sawing machine is usually made of cast iron or section steel.

The spindle of the high-speed metal circular sawing machine is mounted on the rack through the bearing pedestal, and the number is determined by the spindle length.Its chuck and fastening nuts are used to secure the saw blade.It is important to note, but chuck diameter cannot too much, otherwise it will affect the curf height and the use effect of high-speed circular sawing machine, so it is usually for one 7 to one 5 the diameter of the saw blade.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/