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How is the heading machine mold installed

Aug 20, 2019

Heading machine mold device

a. Screw head machine main mold, shearing mold, scissors piece device

(1) Retract the scissors shaft to the end.

(2) The cutting die and the main mold fixing hole are cleaned by scrubbing.

(3) Insert the spring into the cutting hole and place the cutting die.

(4) The main mold and the main mold top bar are combined and installed into the main mold hole, and the main mold fixing screws are fastened.

(5) The scissor blade is slightly fixed after it is equipped with hexagon socket screws and washers.

(6) Puncture the other main rod into the main mold hole, send the scissor blade to the main mold hole, loosen the scissors roller shaft fixing nut, adjust the scissors adjusting screw, until the scissor piece lifts the main mold top rod, pin After tightening the scissors, fine-tune the adjustment screws to align the base.