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How should the CNC cutting machine operate

May 01, 2019

With the rapid development of numerical control systems, the scope of application of CNC cutting machine equipment is more and more extensive. Many different manufacturers will choose to purchase CNC cutting machine equipment to improve the efficiency of their own enterprises, but many enterprise operators do not Professional, so in order to ensure that you can improve work efficiency under the premise of safe production, the following Huafei CNC Xiaobian introduces you how to operate the CNC cutting machine correctly.

1. Close the switch in the power distribution cabinet;

2. Open the power lock on the operation panel, press the power button to supply power to the CNC; turn on the power of the dust collector and check whether the indicator light on the panel of the control box is normal;

3. The CNC performs an internal self-diagnosis to confirm that no error message is displayed;

4. Close the switch in the servo cabinet, press the servo on button on the operation panel to supply power to the servo system, and turn the pulse knob on the panel of the control cabinet to the open position to backflush the filter cartridge to check whether the pulse is normal.

5. Test operation, confirm that the switches and buttons on the panel are flexible and reliable to check whether the ash plug-in valve is normal;

6. Test the machine to confirm that the machine runs smoothly and the limit and emergency buttons are reliable.

7. The dusting line is carried out before cutting. Note that the zinc powder is explosive and avoid flying. At the same time, wear a mask when operating.

8. When plasma cutting, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that during automatic ignition, personnel should stay away from the ignition high voltage coil;www.chamferingmachinechina.com