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How to deal with the problem of conductive block wear of wire-cut aluminum cutting machine

Sep 07, 2019

When the CNC high-speed wire cutting and processing aluminum material, the conductive block is particularly worn, and the deep block is formed on the conductive block. Aluminum material is a common metal in production and processing. It is impossible to give up the application, so we must solve this problem. Let's take a look at which aspects should be handled.

1. Reasonable matching of pulse electrical parameters: When the CNC high-speed wire cutting process is used, the wide pulse width is easy to produce relatively large alumina or alumina particles on the surface. If the pulse interval is too small, a larger particle will be produced. Pull. The wire is extremely easy to adhere to these large processed particles, which has a great negative impact on the processing. Increasing the no-load voltage amplitude of the pulse power supply can reduce the possibility of the processing debris being attached to the wire by reducing the pulse width and processing the pulse gap.

2. Requirements for working fluid of wire-cut aluminum cutting machine: At present, the aqueous solution of emulsion is often used as the working fluid for CNC high-speed wire cutting. The conventional configuration ratio is 1:10 (1 part emulsion, 10 parts water) When processing aluminum materials, a ratio of 3:8 should be used. In order to keep the working fluid clean, to work normally and effectively, and to extend the working period of the working fluid, a thick sponge can be used to prevent the debris from flowing into the water tank, keeping the working fluid unblocked and reducing the stickiness of the machining chips on the wire. Attached. Regularly clean or replace the sponge pad. The upper and lower spray volume of the working fluid should be uniform to eliminate the corrosion in time.

3. Operational skills: a sponge can be added to the rear end slot of the upper frame. The high-speed reciprocating electrode wire is rubbed by the sponge to remove some of the adhered oxide, reduce the wear of the oxide on the conductive block, and reduce the wire jitter. Ensure that the pulse power supply efficiency is functioning properly. Also pay attention to the working position of the replacement of the conductive block.