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How to determine and compare with other material finishing equipment

Sep 07, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which refers to a series of equipment for finishing the steel pipe, so the purpose of these equipment is to improve the performance and use of the steel pipe, and at the same time, you can increase your own Expertise in the field of steel pipe finishing equipment to play its due role and function.


1. Is the steel pipe finishing equipment determined according to the steel pipe finishing process?

From a professional point of view, it is based on the steel pipe finishing process to determine the steel pipe finishing equipment, that is, which steel pipe finishing equipment should be used, which can ensure the finishing process, as well as good finishing quality and finishing effect. Moreover, in the determination of the type of steel pipe finishing equipment, in addition to looking at the finishing process, if necessary, also consider the application range and performance of the equipment.


2. Is the steel pipe finishing equipment related to the vertical and horizontal shear production line?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, it has nothing to do with the vertical and horizontal shear production line, because this is two different things, so it is completely different, there is a big difference. Moreover, the steel pipe finishing equipment is used for steel pipe finishing operations, and the vertical and horizontal shearing production line is used for slitting and cross shearing, so they have different uses, and in terms of structural composition, they are certainly different. of.


3. Will the new steel pipe finishing line use steel pipe finishing equipment?

The new steel pipe finishing line, although different from the traditional steel pipe finishing line, will still use steel pipe finishing equipment, so the steel pipe finishing equipment will still be used, which cannot be omitted, otherwise it will not be smooth. The finishing work of the steel pipe is carried out and completed, and the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed.


4. Finishing of straight seam welded pipe, is it a steel pipe finishing? Is there a difference on the device?

The finishing of a straight seam welded pipe is a steel pipe finishing because it is in the category of steel pipe finishing. And on finishing equipment, it is the same on some basic steel pipe finishing equipment, but on some targeted finishing equipment, there may be differences. Therefore, based on this, the finishing of straight seam welded pipes and ordinary steel pipes has the sameities and differences in the finishing equipment, or should be treated separately.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/