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How to improve the machining accuracy of gear chamfering machine?

Apr 18, 2018

After the chamfering process of the chamfering machine, the quality of the product can be improved and the appearance quality can be improved effectively. In practice, in order to further improve the product precision, we need to take appropriate measures to improve the machining accuracy of the gear chamfering machine. What methods can be used?

To meet this requirement, we need to strictly control the quality of raw materials. It should be known that high quality raw materials are the precondition for the production of high quality products by the chamfering machine. In any way, the raw materials should be examined by strict chemical composition, grain size and purity. If need gear processing, worm gear and worm gear processing, rack, chain wheel, synchronous belt wheel, nylon gear and other reducer parts processing, can come to the drawing or real sample consultation, domestic entrance can be processed.

The second is to pay attention to the proper control gear machining precision. Combined with previous work experience, chamfering machine for processing precision of gear necessary control in GB10995-887-8, linear velocity is higher than the 20 m/s gear, pitch limit deviation, ring gear tooth to radial run-out tolerance, tolerance must be reached level 7 precision.

It is important to note that after the chamfering machine tool grinding, need timely to cutter blade radial before sex, let chip groove adjacent pitch difference, the largest accumulation of crumbs slot pitch error, in front of the blade and the inner hole axis parallelism for maintenance. At the same time, the gear cutting tool for external purchase must be overhauled, which must meet the AA level requirement.

According to the previous situation, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive management of each processing link of gear, so as to reduce the noise of gear transmission effectively. The function of chamfering machine is to adjust the deformation of heat treatment and improve the quality of machining. In the case of 7 - level precision gear, the tooth part should use chamfering machine for chamfering.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/