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How to repair the chamfering machine

Aug 28, 2019

The chamfering machine is composed of a free body, an outer corner chamfering table, a positioning bracket, an inner corner chamfering table, an inner corner turning to the head, a diplomatic rotating cutter head, a motor and a transmission mechanism, and a vertical mounting on the horizontal upper plate of the body, the outer corner Rotating the cutter head, the lower end shaft portion is provided with a transmission mechanism, and the inner corner of the vertical angle chamfering table is exposed in the inner corner of the cutter head. The inner corner rotary cutter head is exposed, and the groove on the lower side of the bracket is located directly above the outer corner rotary cutter head. Combined with the outer corner cutter head open hole of the outer corner chamfering workbench, the outer corner of the outer corner rotating cutter head is exposed on the end surface, and the outer corner chamfering workbench and the horizontal upper plate of the machine body are arranged with a lifting device to make the outer corner chamfer The table is vertically lifted, so that the outer corner of the outer corner of the cutter head can be adjusted by rotating the cutter head.