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How to solve the belt sawing machine belt to completely solve the problem

Sep 05, 2019

The sawing block is scratched by the side of the saw blade because it is too tight or too loose and worn. Too tight to increase the crush caused by the band saw load, too loose, but see the tape falling off or seeing the ripples.

The sawing rate and the falling rate are not suitable, the sawing speed is low, the falling speed is too fast, too large, and the band saw is broken. The sawtooth speed is fast and slow, the efficiency is low, and the tooth tip is easy to wear early, which affects the service life.

Due to the wear of the guide block caused by the wear of the saw back, the back of the band saw band saw has cracks leading to breakage. There are obvious wear-resistant alloy alloy grooves and grooves, and there are irregular scratches and scratches behind the saw. At the break, always check.

The gap on the guide block is unreasonable, and the pressure on the back of the saw blade is too heavy, so that the root tension of the band saw is too large to generate cracks, resulting in a broken band. Inspection method: Adjust the cut-off point of the two discs so that the two seen arms are in line with the horizontal line, and you can see that the back and the shoulders of the wheel keep a certain distance to cut the paper.