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Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine using standard and model features

Feb 27, 2018

Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine, chamfering machine is one of them, but, it is still more common and commonly used, so, it is necessary to be familiar with this chamfering machine and understanding, because this can be learned The correct operation of the device, at the same time, can also be expected to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, the following is an introduction to the hydraulic chamfering machine, the details are as follows.


1. Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine use standards, what is? In the product, its service is important?

Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine, the use of standards, is to use flexible and safe, and easy to operate and less prone to stuck and other fault problems, if you can meet these, then, you can have good results. In the product, its after-sales service is a very important aspect, therefore, can not be ignored.


2. Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine, which belongs to the hydraulic chamfer it? In the configuration, whether it is the same with the hydraulic chamfering machine?

Hydraulic automatic chamfering machine, which can belong to the hydraulic chamfering machine, but also can be an automatic chamfering machine, so attribution, from a different point of view, there are different results. As for the chamfering machine configuration, if compared with hydraulic chamfering machine, is about the same, but whether it is automatic operation, there is a certain difference.


3.DX85 hydraulic automatic double chamfering machine, what are its characteristics? Is it a hydraulic automatic chamfering machine?

DX85 hydraulic automatic double chamfering machine, chamfering machine which is the specific model, its properties, is a hydraulic automatic chamfering machine. The chamfering machine of this model, its main feature is:


(1) The chamfering machine round pipe end surface is inside and outside the corner, so that it can be a complete chamfering and shaving operations, so that you can speed up the processing speed and increase processing speed.

(2) Chamfering cutterhead is specially designed and the blade is standardized, so that you can easily and quickly replace the blade work.

(3) If the workpiece size is different, then only need to replace the cutter and clamping die adjustment work. Moreover, its non-standard machine length can reach 3000mm, diameter can reach 100mm.


4. How to realize the hydraulic automatic chamfering machine PLC control?

Want to achieve automatic chamfering machine PLC control, then, it should be used PLC control and programming. And, chamfering machine design should take into account, so that we can achieve this technology well, at the same time, let the control technology has good control effect, to ensure that the hydraulic automatic chamfering machine can run automatically.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com