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Improvement of structural design scheme of chamfering machine

Jan 30, 2019

The chamfering machine can replace the traditional manual deburring and chamfering process, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also significantly reduces the labor intensity of the workers and reduces the noise and dust pollution caused by the grinding of the workpiece. It is an ideal for automatic production and high efficiency chamfering. device. The equipment consists of panel feeding device, input roller, chamfering machine, output roller electrical control system, hydraulic system and other parts.


In order to adapt to the development of the steel pipe manufacturing industry and better meet the practical application requirements, the steel pipe should be processed with flat end faces. The steel pipe used for welding should also be processed by the inverted welding groove. It is necessary to design an advanced steel pipe chamfering machine. The chamfering machine is a special equipment for the end face processing of steel pipes. In order to further improve the processing quality, the mechanical structure, especially the important components that affect the machining accuracy, namely the cutter head and the clamping device, were studied and designed in detail.


Combined with the product structure design scheme, the company optimizes and upgrades the design of the whole machine, the power transmission mode, the type of clamping device, the design of the follower cutting head and the design of the control system. For the chamfering machine for the production of high-quality steel pipes, it is advisable to adopt a moving bed head box to translate the steel tube type, the left and right lateral tube-type clamping device, the radial floating cutting head, and the flexible selection of the power transmission mode.