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Introduction of machining design of chamfering machine

Nov 21, 2018

The chamfering machine tool is a gear chamfering special equipment developed for the current chamfering and deburring of large-volume gear processing industries such as automobiles and motorcycles. The chamfering machine can efficiently and effectively process the chamfering and deburring of the gear teeth, the shaft teeth, the multi-toothed gears, etc. after machining, and the machining time of processing one gear is about 10-155 seconds.


The chamfering machine adopts plc control in the system design, and its well-stabilized performance is fully exerted. The user's operation is convenient and fast, and the machine tool can be operated without special training. The tool stroke and the workpiece index are controlled by the servo motor, so the machine has the characteristics of simple structure, compact structure and short drive chain. It also reduces the noise of the machine tool, reduces the adjustment link, and the performance is stable and reliable, and the use is more convenient.


The machining principle of the chamfering machine tool belongs to intermittent tooth-by-tooth processing. The machine tool feeds the workpiece, the workpiece allows the knife and the workpiece to be indexed, and one tooth is cut and the next cutting is started. Therefore, the machine tool has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple tool, good processing quality, simple adjustment and operation, etc., not only can meet the trial production of small batches of new products, but also suitable for large-scale production.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/