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Introduction of medium frequency induction heating pipe bending machine

May 20, 2019

First, the use of equipment:

 The equipment is a special non-standard equipment suitable for the production of curved steel pipes of various diameters, especially large diameters, for equal-diameter steel pipes, and can continuously produce curved steel pipes with multiple lengths of curvature (hereinafter referred to as elbows). Technical indicators such as the diameter, wall thickness and radius of curvature of the elbow are proposed by the user, and the equipment manufacturer designs and manufactures the equipment according to user requirements.

 Second, the technical parameters of the bend:

 1. The raw material steel pipe used for the elbow of the equipment is: seamless steel pipe, straight seam welded pipe or spiral welded pipe.

2. The bending radius of the elbow must be greater than 2.5D (manufactured by the elbow pushing process below 2.5D), and the angle of the elbow can be intelligently programmed. (The elbow angle can be arbitrarily set according to the needs within a certain range).

3. Pushing the diameter and thickness of the elbow: diameter φ891420mm, wall thickness: φ5120mm (segment design and manufacture of the equipment).

4. The main cylinder stroke depends on the maximum diameter of the elbow and the maximum bending radius (provided by the user).

 Third, the equipment structure:

Base rail, main cylinder and support plate, movable push plate, elbow clamp wheel device, elbow rocker arm, rocker track, rocker shaft, elbow combination chuck, intermediate frequency transformer adjustment device, intermediate frequency transformer, intermediate frequency Power supply, intelligent control system, console (touch screen), cooling water circulation system and other components.www.chamferingmachinechina.com