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Introduction to performance parameters of steel pipe chamfering machine

Jul 12, 2018

The main function of the steel pipe chamfering machine is to perform the chamfering and flat working of the welding groove on both ends of the steel pipe material according to the production requirements. The steel pipe chamfering machine adopts a double-head structure design, and is also equipped with a headboard, a flower disk, a clamping device, a hydraulic auxiliary fixture and a lifting roller device.


In addition, in consideration of the requirements for processing the end of the thick-walled steel pipe, two chamfering knives and flat head knives can be arranged on the faceplate of the steel pipe chamfering machine. In actual processing, the length of the steel pipe processed by the equipment includes: 6 to 12.5 meters. Normally, a steel pipe with a length of 6 meters can be used for single-head cutting or double-head machining at the same time. Users can choose according to actual needs when purchasing.


The outer diameter of the suitable processing steel pipe of the steel pipe chamfering machine ranges from φ406 mm to φ2540 mm; the wall thickness of the steel pipe ranges from 5 to 25.4 mm; the material types of the processable steel pipe include Q235, Q345, X42-X80 and the like. Under normal circumstances, the weight of the processable steel pipe of the steel pipe chamfering machine should not exceed 20t.