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Introduction to the main features of the chamfering machines

Nov 12, 2018

The chamfering machine is a new type of edging machine, which is more commonly used in the field of building materials. As an edge grinding device, the process design is elegant and beautiful, and the components are closely matched. Maximizes the time of edging, greatly increasing the speed of the workpiece edging.


The main features of the chamfering machine:

First of all, in the machine tool, the chamfering tool radial feeding is numerically controlled, which is easy to adjust and control;

Secondly, the machine tool has excellent rigidity, large processing range, high processing efficiency (15S for single working hours), and the roughness of the chamfered surface reaches Ra3.2;

Moreover, in practical applications, we can use the chamfering machine to machine the narrow multi-cogwheel with empty sipe, and simultaneously process the two gears on the multi-gear;

The machine has high working efficiency, and the user can use it to machine the workpiece whose bevel is curved or curved.

In terms of configuration, the high-efficiency chamfering machine is also equipped with an automatic magnetic chip evacuation device. In addition, the CNC system is equipped with a SIMENS system.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/