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Introduction to the process layout of the chamfering machine

Jan 10, 2019

In the process of chamfering the steel pipe, the use of different flat-head process layouts will affect the final processing quality. In comparison, in the various process layouts of the flat-head process, the steel tube traverse vehicle custody movement mode is more suitable. This is because it can avoid the lateral movement of the traditional steel pipe by using the hook and the rolling contact caused by the rolling of the steel pipe.


Moreover, during the operation of the chamfering machine, it can maintain a stable state all the time. During the whole process, the steel pipe feedstock is stable, and there is no impact and no collision noise between the steel pipe and the equipment, which improves the surface quality of the steel pipe.


In fact, during the use of a chamfering machine, the process layout for it can take many forms. The advantages and disadvantages of the process layout will directly affect the complexity of the input, operation and maintenance of the chamfering process equipment and the surface quality of the steel pipe. In general, the layout of the flat-head process of the chamfering machine is closely related to the production method, production volume, welding speed, product specifications, pipe length, weight and site of the welded pipe.www.chamferingmachinechina.com