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Main components of the chamfering machine and technical performance

Mar 29, 2019

In the process of making the chamfering machine, the bed body is provided with a column and a workbench, and the column has a chamfering machine and a deburring mechanism corresponding to the workbench, and the workbench includes a main shaft, a working platform and a set installed at the upper end of the main shaft. The workbench housing outside the main shaft and fixedly connected with the bed body, the upper end surface of the main shaft is provided with an oil chamber, and the oil chamber is provided with a sealing plate on the closed cover, and the oil chamber is provided with a piston which is slidingly matched with the piston, and the piston will be the oil chamber Divided into an oiling chamber and a lower oil chamber, the through hole is provided with a through hole, and the piston is provided with an extending portion extending upward through the through hole.

Main technical performance of chamfering machine

1. The machine tool adopts the inclined bed horizontal layout, two sets of tools move, and the workpiece is fixed on two seats.

2. The chamfering tool moves with a rolling linear guide arranged at a 60-degree angle. The servo motor is directly driven, and the ball screw realizes rapid movement and feed. The position and movement of the tool are controlled by the numerical control system, which is convenient, accurate and reliable.

3. The chamfering tool rotation is driven by a variable frequency speed control motor.

4. The tool feed is driven by servo motor. The ball screw realizes fast movement and work feed. The tool slide guide has automatic locking and loosening function. The feed rate is controlled by the numerical control system. It is easy to adjust, accurate and reliable, and can adapt to different conditions. Processing requirements.www.chamferingmachinechina.com