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Main composition and working process of automatic chamfering machine for steel tube

May 08, 2018

In the present application, the automatic chamfering machine is mainly applied to the flat end and internal chamfering of the end of the steel pipe. The unit uses the single end of the end of the milling head to reverse the way, the steel pipe automatic prism processing steel pipe specification range is wide, for example, the range of steel pipe outer diameter is 133 to 365mm, steel tube wall thickness control within 60 millimeters can be.


Under normal conditions, the working capacity of the automatic prism of the steel pipe is mainly: the maximum processing efficiency can reach eighty per hour, and the cutting speed is 70 to 130 millimeters per minute. The main components of the equipment are: 1) the host 2) the operating system 3) to the homogeneous roll Road 4) the clamping device 5) the lifting bracket 6) the cooling system 7) the step system 8) the lubricating system 9) the hydraulic system 10) electrical system 11) iron chip collection system.


During the design and manufacture, the steel tube automatic chamfering machine was specially set up as a device for automatically chamfering the ends of the steel pipe ends. Cutting chamfer on outer wall, or providing groove for welding, cutting pipe end ensures perpendicularity of pipe end and tube axis. At the same time, the position of all cutting feed is controlled by PLC. The carbide blade is mounted on the cutter bar, and the cutter bar is mounted on the cutter head.


In actual processing, we can adjust the radial position of the tool properly according to the specific processing requirements. Generally, it can be fixed or fluctuate with the geometric size of the inner diameter of the tube. Under normal circumstances, the automatic chamfering machine of the steel pipe carries out all operations on the pipe end by PLC, and performs through the human machine interface (HMI) at the operating platform. PLC also controls the operation of spindle, servo feed control, clamping, conveying system and external equipment.


On the basis of practical application, the processing flow of the automatic prism of the steel pipe can be summarized as follows: feed, step transportation, steel pipe pre alignment, alignment, step transportation, clamping, head quick retreat, clamping and loosening of the machine, step forward transportation, reverse steel pipe positioning, step forward transfer, reverse edge of the other end, quick retreat of the machine head, clamping and loosening and stepping transmission. Send off the rack.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/