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Main equipment and products in billet finishing line

Aug 04, 2018

The billet finishing line is a production line for a series of finishing operations of billet, and the finishing object is a billet. Moreover, it is an operation that will be carried out in industrial production activities. Therefore, in-depth study and understanding should be carried out to achieve correct standard operation so that the billet has good finishing quality and competitive effect.


1. Main equipment on the billet finishing line


(1) Billet grinding machine

The billet grinding machine is mainly used for local or comprehensive grinding treatment of cracks and scales generated on the surface of the billet to improve the surface quality of the billet. Its specific use is to fully strip, angle grind and partially grind the surface of the billet, so that the billet can be carried out in the next process. The operation of the device can realize full-automatic PLC control, that is, automatic peeling and grinding, and manual control point grinding, and the operation is simple and convenient.

In addition, the billet grinding machine has corresponding technical parameters, such as grinding length, grinding wheel traverse distance, lifting cylinder speed, translation cylinder speed, grinding pressure, turning cylinder speed, clamping cylinder speed and purification efficiency. These eight are important and basic technical parameters.


(2) Billet chamfering machine and billet cutting machine

The billet chamfering machine is used for chamfering work, and can also be controlled by PLC to realize automatic operation. This kind of chamfering machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and the like. In terms of equipment parameters, there are three kinds of billet size, chamfer angle and chamfering. The billet cutting machine is used for the cutting work of the billet, and there is no problem such as flashing after the material is cut. In use, it is generally used in conjunction with a fixed length machine to realize online cut-off of billet.


In addition to the above three equipments, there are two billet blasting machines and a billet magnetic particle flaw detector on the billet finishing line. The former is used for shot blasting and the latter is used for flaw detection.


2. Purpose and specific products of billet finishing line

The main purpose of the billet finishing line, specifically three, is:

Function 1: Remove the defect of the surface of the billet to improve the quality of the billet.

Role 2: Provide qualified products for the downline.

Role 3: Improve product quality and improve information feedback to continuously improve operations.


Billet finishing line, which can have billet blasting and rust removal, surface fluorescent magnetic particle inspection inspection line, and with automatic grinding wheel dressing machine, it can provide good surface quality and good performance for rolled round steel and wire rod. The defect-free continuous casting billet or hot-rolled billet, therefore, the product of the billet finishing line is such that there are defect-free continuous casting billets and hot-rolled billets.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/