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Main purpose and structure of steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine

Sep 29, 2018

The steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine is specially designed to meet the processing operations of various steel pipe end flats and chamfering. The curved pipe and elbow groove chamfering machine are special bevel models designed and manufactured according to user needs. .


In practical working applications, the specification of the special groove chamfering machine for steel pipe processing is mainly as follows: 1. The outer diameter of the steel pipe ranges from φ89 to φ1420 mm; the wall thickness is 5 to 100 mm (segment design and manufacture) Equipment); 2, the length of the processable steel pipe ranges from 4 to 14 meters.


The main structural components of the steel pipe end bevel chamfering machine include: power head, transmission reduction mechanism, floating cutter head, rotating spindle for movable feeding, steel pipe clamping device, steel pipe lifting device, conveying roller, loading and unloading It consists of a device, a hydraulic control system, an intelligent control system, and an operation button box. The parts cooperate with each other so that the chamfering machine can smoothly complete the work.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/