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Main structure of the chamfering machine and electronic control system

Apr 20, 2019

The chamfering machine is mainly used for chamfering the end of the pipe end of the spiral welded pipe, thereby ensuring the pipe end quality requirement of the steel pipe.

The main components of the chamfering machine

Process arrangement and structure of chamfering machine

a. Process layout: two sets of headboards are arranged in a central alignment.

b. Structural form

The chamfering machine is positioned by the v-type roller after lifting, the clamping and chamfering device are on the same base, the headstock box is moved to the middle in position, the v-type idler is reset, the clamping device is clamped, and the cutting tool is cut. The steel pipe entering and leaving the chamfering machine is completed by the pick-up pipe.

Mechanical part of the chamfering machine

The mechanical part of the chamfering machine is mainly composed of base, head box device, cutter head assembly, feed transmission device, steel pipe hydraulic clamping device, central positioning lifting v-type roller device, pick-up pipe device, drag chain device, hydraulic station And piping, electronic control devices and other components.

Electric control system of chamfering machine

The electrical control system of the chamfering machine consists of a control cabinet, a console and control cables.

a. Two sets of control system, the control cabinet adopts standard ggd cabinet

b. Common electrical components such as circuit breakers, buttons, indicator lights, universal transfer switches, contactors, meters, etc.www.chamferingmachinechina.com