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Method for selecting high-efficiency, high-precision, high-performance high-speed aluminum cutting machine equipment

Apr 22, 2019

1. Look at the structure of the whole machine is not rigorous (beautiful, humanized, easy to operate);

Look at the construction of the whole machine is not very solid (act sensitive, quick response, safe and stable);

A well-designed and precise aluminum cutting machine will give you a dynamic enjoyment! This point can't be shaped by words. It can only be felt when you test it on the machine!


2. Listening: Is there any abnormal sound during continuous cycle sawing... For example, does the motor motor have a squeaky sound; does the spindle bearing have a humming sound; when the sawing workpiece is sound, is it sound? Very smooth; at the moment of shutdown, the sound of the spindle bearing will not grow instantly...

A powerful aluminum cutting machine does not have the above abnormal sound during high-speed operation.

The sound from the work of the motor motor should be very quiet. If you can't hear it, you can only hear the sound of the fan.

The sound from the spindle bearing work should be a squeaky sound, very smooth and continuous!