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New development of tool grinder

Apr 22, 2017

With the improvement of the machining level, the grinding machine occupies more and more proportion in the machine tool.

Generally speaking, grinding can be divided into ordinary grinding, high speed grinding and super high speed grinding according to the speed of the grinding wheel. With the improvement of machining requirements, the application of precision and ultra precision grinding technology is more and more widely.

As a part of grinding machine, tool grinder is a kind of equipment for grinding and cutting tools. It has some special mechanical structure, which is used for surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, grinding or combination. The same is the grinder, grinding machine in other grinding operations will not meet the problem, in the tool grinding process will often appear, such as the shape of the outer surface of the grinding wheel and the surface of the grinding tool interference. These problems must be eliminated as far as possible in the course of the work, otherwise it will seriously affect the grinding effect.

Tool grinding machine is the main object of the cutting tools, a variety of varieties, such as end mills, end milling cutter, R milling cutter, turning tool, ball end milling cutter, all kinds of drill bits, reamer, hobbing cutter and round bar, etc.. Some of these tools have complex cutter teeth, but also high precision grinding requirements. In order to grind these tools with high accuracy, multi axis control is used in the grinding machine.

At present, the domestic market, the relative number of CNC grinding machine more than ten million or even one million price of the hand tool grinder in China is relatively dominant position. It is also suitable for China's domestic market demand and the actual situation.

The main tool grinder manufacturers in mainland China are located in Taizhou, Wuhan, Xianyang and other cities. The Dongguan city gondard Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd GD (brand) series of mechanical tool grinder products abandoned heavy, big ideas for the needs of the mainland market light precision tool grinding machine series product development based on introduction of German technology.

The tool grinder series products adopt high precision linear guide rail to ensure the high precision of the requirements and into the design concept of human nature.

In order to meet the need of tool regrinding, some users set up a heavy grinding center. And the Dongguan city of Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd research and development of a series of high-precision lightweight tool grinder will reduce the company's dependence on mechanical workers technology.