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Nine operating specifications of the heading machine

Aug 27, 2019

1. Do a good job in front of the machine, understand the materials, equipment, quality, etc. of the former workers, and check the equipment according to the daily maintenance content to confirm the operation is correct.

2. Carefully check the contents of the iron and the card, and select the appropriate mold.

3, oil pressure heading machine:

(1) Turn on the main power and release the emergency stop button. At this time, the warning light is on. Start the oil pump and the switch is in the automatic position.

(2) When replacing the mold, be aware that the emergency stop button is off.

(3) Adjust the stroke according to the reasonable size of the pipe material, do not run too much pressure stroke. Make adjustments to each specification.

(4) Extend the tube to the middle of the clamp, but not too long, so that the size of the mold is exactly the same as the head of the tube.

(5) The foot switch must be complete and cannot be removed.

4, shrink tube machine:

(1) Carefully check the contents of the iron card and the process card, select the appropriate mold, and if it does not go, it will damage the mold.

(2) When the thick-walled pipe is too thick, it should be fired, then shrink the head (but the fire should not exceed 100mm to prevent over-burning).

(3) The tube is inserted into the tube machine, and the hands are not tightly held to prevent the hand from being sprained in the head tube.

(4) Pay attention to the shrinkage tube to prevent shrinkage, thus preventing the gloves from being entangled.

(5) After processing a pipe of one specification, the mold should be disassembled, the residual head should be carefully cleaned, and the tightening screw should be inspected.

(6) Regularly clean the filter on the shrink tube to keep the oil in the tank clean and prevent the pump impeller from being damaged.

(7) After the roasting tube is completed, the residue in the machine must be cleaned.

(8) Only 10 # oil can be added to the shrinking machine, no other oil can be added.

(9) Every time the fire is shrunk, the duty officer must clean the residual oil. Make sure each needle is clear.

(10) At the end of the roasting fire, the fan should be removed from the furnace to prevent air from invading.

(11) The punching position should be at the corner of the shrinking tube head, not too far behind to prevent it from being scratched.

5. After the operation is finished, the machine should be closed, the residue on the equipment should be cleaned, and the surrounding sanitary facilities should be cleaned.

6. The original state of the machine cannot be changed without permission.

7, the mold orders by quantity, to ensure that the quantity is complete. Don't litter and throw it away.

8. The loss or failure of the mold must be promptly returned to the team leader or general manager.

9. When the grinding wheel cutting machine is operated, it must be sideways and cannot stand in front. If the grinding wheel is stuck, etc., it cannot be operated. Turn off the power in time and notify the cadres on duty.